Disadvantages Of Email Communication In Workplace
Disadvantages Of Email Communication In Workplace

It is difficult to know the disadvantages of email communication in the workplace. There are many companies out there that use email systems to communicate and inform people in their office. The question is, are these advantages worth the disadvantages?

In the workplace, there are a few disadvantages that could stop you from using email systems in your company. Knowing what these disadvantages are will help you determine if it is a system that is right for your business.

The first set of drawbacks is lack of privacy. Employees should have the ability to contact their colleagues and supervisors without having to worry about getting into trouble with your boss.

With email communication, communication is no longer private. Employees are getting in touch with coworkers, even if they should not be. It is hard to know if your manager is okay with all the information going on between colleagues.

The second set of disadvantages is the inability to change your mind. You might want to send your boss an email that you wanted to tell him, but you don't think he should read it. The problem is, if your boss has told you that he will not read it, it is quite impossible to stop.

The third set of disadvantages is the inability to write anything down. A quick email does not mean you can save and get it out of your head. A simple response will take more than one mail to write.

The fourth set of disadvantages is the time you can waste. When you reply to an email, there is usually a person looking at it, so you cannot easily make it look more professional.

The fifth set of disadvantages is that you are not able to communicate with anyone else in your immediate office. If you need to talk to a supervisor or somebody in your team, you will need to get an access code that only you have. Most computers today have a code that will let you get to them.

Lastly, the last set of disadvantages is that you cannot test drive anything. Unless you have an account in the database, you cannot test drive anything. When someone files a complaint, you will need to go to the administrator's computer to find out if the information you are receiving is correct.

These disadvantages are obvious and there are those who do not believe in the advantages of email communication in the workplace. However, it is a good thing that technology has come so far. This is why there are still many advantages to using email systems.

The disadvantage of email systems is the negative one of having employees in a personal space. The disadvantages may not be big enough to deter you from using it, but you will probably find a few of them, especially if you are already using it. These disadvantages should be enough to help you make the decision.

Disadvantages should not be the deciding factor in whether or not you should use a system to communicate with other people. There are so many advantages of email communication that it would be very hard to avoid it.